Thursday 15th January - Unplugged at Carpe Diem, Leeds


Thursday 26th February - Bar 67, Lincoln


Friday 1st May - The Flying Circus, Newark


Saturday 9th May - Adam and Eve, Lincoln


Saturday 23rd May - Drill Hall, Lincoln Beer Festival


Saturday 30th May - Spice Of Life, London


Friday 5th June - The Rogue Saint, Lincoln


Saturday 13th June - Airfield Anarchy 'Mudfest', Newark Showground


Friday 24th July - The Galway Arms, Retford


Saturday 15th August - (covers set) Adam and Eve, Lincoln


Sunday 16th August - The Lincolnshire Motorshow, Brayford Waterfront


Friday 21st - Sunday 23rd August - Green Man Festival


Saturday 19th September - Adam and Eve, Lincoln


Friday 25th September - The Rogue Saint, Lincoln


Friday 2nd October - The Flying Circus, Newark


Friday 20th November - The Flying Circus, Newark


Friday 18th December - The Rogue Saint, Lincoln


Saturday 19th December - Adam and Eve, Lincoln


Previously played at...

The Bedford, The Troubadour, Spice of Life, Underbelly, Bedroom Bar, The Louisiana (Bristol), London Olympics 2012, Battfest 2013, SO Fest, Engine Shed (Lincoln), Rescue Rooms (Nottingham), plus many more!

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